5mm Iron On Rhinestones

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Iron on Rhinestones DalCrystals Clear Crystal 5mm

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5mm Iron On Rhinestones

USA DalCrystals clear 5mm Iron On Rhinestones.
Crystal Clear Glass Rhinestones Flatback HotFix
5 MM Rhinestones easily press on to shoes, hats, bags or fabric.

DalCrystals are hot fix rhinestone
crystals that have heat sensitive glue
on the back. When heat is applied,
glue melts into the fabric fibres
resulting in a very strong bond.

Use a hot fix setting tool, such as the
Applicator Hot fix Tool,
household iron or a heat press.

Size: 5 MM
72 pieces/bag

Add a little sparkle and bling up your life…

Dal crystals embellishments can add
sparkle to your Quilts, Clothing, Linen,
Shoes, Handbags or Headbands.

Children and grand children love bling
on their clothes, shoes and handbags.

No sewing involved, simply place
down and press the
glue till hot and it sticks!
Hotfix rhinestone crystals are washable.

High Quality USA imported product.

Use a Hotfix Teflon-coated protective sheet.
Crystals are arranged on the teflon sheet and the hotfix applicator
is touched to each crystal to melt the adhesive. The sheet prevents
the wand from burning or putting a hole in the flat surface.
see other listing

Wax Picker Pencil can replace tweezers for picking up the
crystals and placing them in position.
see other listing

High Quality USA imported product.


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