5pc Printable Fabrics Variety Pack #1


5pc Printable Fabrics Variety Pack #1

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5pc Printable Fabrics Variety Pack #1

A selection of printable fabrics to use at home using your own printer.

2 x 100% cotton sheets
2 x 100% Silk sheets
1 x Cotton canvas

Fabric sheets have a paper backing to help feed through the printer.
Instructions are included for each fabric included

Perfect for making Photo memory Quilts –  Photo Pillows and Cushions
– Pet Coats – Personal Handbags or gifts

As Easy As Printing On Paper
Step 1: Choose a picture to print on your PC in any program
Step 2: Load 1 x Cotton fabric sheet in printer (read manufacture instructions) Print.
Step 3: Remove paper backing. Rinse in cold water. Lay flat on a towel to dry.

Memory Quilts ~ Photo Pillow / Cushions ~
Personalise Hand Bags ~ Quilt Labels
Cotton fabric retains colour and softness after rinsing.
Canvas can be printed and used for framing or stich over
in your mixed media projects.

Watch our YouTube video
How to print on fabric

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