Clover Silver Thread Cutter

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Clover Silver Thread Cutter

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Clover Silver Thread Cutter

  • Safely cut thread with this stylish cuuter you will be proud to wear.
  • This pendant can cut a thread using any of the notches in the pendant perimeter.
  • Slotted grooves contain a sharp stainless steel blade for a safe cut every time.
  • Run your thread over one of the notches and you will have a clean cut and the
    notches are small enough so it is impossible for anyone to cut themselves.
  • It can be set on top a thread spool or bobbin, or used as a beautiful pendant.
  • The Clover Thread Cutter Pendant is the perfect answer to sewing on an airplane
    now that we can’t take small scissors on board.
  • Choose from Antique Silver or Antique Gold
  • A fantastic travel companion!


Please Note: These are printable webbing sheets – not printable fabric sheets.

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