“Embellished Memories” DIY Projects Book

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“Embellished Memories” DIY Projects Book

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“Embellished Memories” DIY Projects Book

Fabric book by Norma Rapko Vargasemories
Norma starts in her studio giving you advice on creative
spaces, helping you find inspiration and sharing how to gather supplies.

Then she delves into the how-to of creating her beautiful frame masterpieces.
She will teach you how to display and create these exquisite framed memories
for gift giving personal enjoyment, or for adding a decorative touch.

* Learn the basics of techniques like layering, crackle, antiquing,
decoupage, and more

* There s a theme for everyone, including Creating Memories, Country Charm,
Baby Love, Nature s Treasures, Dreams Abroad, and A Little Bit of Heaven


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