Jenkins Freezer Paper A3 size


Jenkins Freezer Paper A3 size

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Jenkins Freezer Paper A3 size

C Jenkins freezer paper sheets large A3 12″ x 15″ (40) Sheets

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Print your own applique patterns directly onto freezer paper
using your computer and ink jet printer.

  • Pre-cut extra large 12″ x 15″ freezer paper sheets for Painting,
    Applique, Stencils, and making printable fabric sheets.
  • Print or photocopy applique patterns rather than trace them!
  • Reuse the templates again and again!
  • C. Jenkins freezer paper are thicker than Reynolds making thema
    heavy duty paper that doesn’t curl.


  • Heavier 54lb paper for greater stability – lays flat and prevents curling in printer
  • Special Coating for Better Adhesiveness to fabrics (printable fabric)
  • Low heat activated
  • The special coating allows the freezer paper to be reused.
    This is dependent on the type of fabrics and will vary from project to project

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