June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper


June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper

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June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper

Print your own applique patterns directly onto freezer paper using your computer and ink jet printer.

  • Turn and press fabric without pattern shifting.
  • Perfect for traditional applique methods.
  • Doubles as a stitching guide for two-sided appliques sewn with right sides together.
  • Great for dimensional appliques.
  • Package contains ten 8 1/2″ x 11″ blank freezer paper sheets.
  • Reusable 10 pack


  • Scan or download an image or pattern.
  • If applying the freezer paper pattern to the back side of your fabric, and your design is directional, set your printer to “mirror image”.
    Do not mirror image if using the pattern on the front of your fabric.
  • Place one sheet of freezer paper in your ink jet printer so that printing appears on the flat, not shiny side of the sheet.
  • Print normal quality, plain paper setting.
  • Iron to fabric as desired to create applique.

Note:  This product is intended for use in standard ink jet printers only.
Do not use in other printers or copiers such as laser printers or any other printer/copier that applies heat, as it may damage the machine.
Test the product you plan to use to determine the suitability of the product for your equipment, methods and substrate material.


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