Quilt Collection CD Quilt Designs


Quilt Collection CD Quilt Designs

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Quilt Collection CD Quilt Designs

Patchwork fabric background prints + Quilt Blocks in
colour and Black & White on CD
Heritage style

Great Deal over 60%OFF

Print out your quilts with perfect points onto printable fabric sheets.

It’s just a little bit of cheating!

quilt block star

Using a document program (eg: MS WORD) on your computer you can simply:-
Choose a patchwork fabric background:
Then choose Quilt blocks for the corners:
Place a photo on top and now Print onto printable fabric
This is a lot of cheating and a great time saver! 

photo quilt with quilt blocks

 Quilt Blocks  ~  Embroidery  ~  Textile Art  ~
Card Making  ~  Scrapbook  ~  Stickers

tavel quilt

These Quilt Blocks are printed from the CD printed on Premium Photo Fabric (cotton) used on this travel quilt.
Step 1. Open MS Word or similar program
Step 2. Insert CD to your PC
Step 3. Insert > Picture > from file > Quilt Collection CD > Open Blocks folder > Choose quilt block
Step 4. Resize quilt block to any size (eg 2.5 inch) + copy & paste more blocks on the page.
Step 4. Print onto printable fabric sheets. no cutting with pefect points!

Make hundreds of patchwork templates, quilt labels, quilt cards and more on your
computer using a regular printer at home.

Do You NEED HELP using your Computer?
Have a teacher at home..
Do yourself a favour and get the Memories – Lesson CD that helps
you learn step by step exactly How To use images/clipart/photos on your own computer

Watch our YouTube video
How to make a patchwork template

No special programs required.
– Acrobat Reader for Help file

Images are in jpeg format (like clipart)

Contact details for further help inside cover.

All images on the CD can be printed on Paper, Card, Fabric, Stickers any
medium that feeds through a printer.

Use with any Personal Computer PC or Mac

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