Watercolour Log Cabin Quilts Book

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Watercolour Log Cabin Quilts Book

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Watercolour Log Cabin Quilts Book

Quilt book from the Palouse Patchers On Sale… Last One!
A wonderful and practical guide to making beautiful watercolor quilts

Watercolor quilts are the current rage among quilters with their complex looking
designs and colour arrangement The theory behind these gorgeous quilts concentrates
primarily on value rather than colour when selecting the fabrics.
In the Watercolor log Cabin quilts presented in this book, the lightness and the darkness
of each half of the block is of paramount importance.

In order for the block to ‘work,’ a definite light and dark side must be established.”
This book has 64 pages and is profusely illustrated.

Please note: This book is an ex shop display, may have some scuff marks
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