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HOW TO: Print On Fabric – Photo Transfer method

print my photo on fabric


It’s a very simple process and you will be delighted with the results.
We print your photos onto your choice of fabric mediums.

Pictures – Photos old or new – Documents – Text – Drawings 

Once you have received your printed photos, simply remove the
backing paper to create your own projects.
Cotton Fabric available in A4 + A3 +A6 sizes full instructions included


Printable fabric sheets
How to make a photo canvas
How to make a photo t shirt with fabric
How to make a quilt label on a computer
How to use digital art media for patchwork crafts
We can bundle postage to make it cheaper,
please check before paying with PayPal.
iron on transfer to fabric


We print your photos onto fabric transfer sheets .
Then YOU iron the image onto your own fabric | Tshirt

Once you have received your printed photos, simply
follow along the detailed instructions
Iron On Fabric Transfer available in A4 size only 
White – Transfer your photos onto light coloured fabric
Dark –  Transfer your photos onto coloured + dark garments full instructions

YOUTUBE video available https://www.youtube.com/user/PrintableFabric 

 photo fabric sized on A4WHAT SIZE CAN MY PHOTO BE PRINTED?Printable Fabric sheets are available in A3 – A4 – A6 sizes
What size paper does your printer accept?
The best way to check the photo size:

Take a scrap piece of paper (same size as fabric sheets) and draw out the size
photo you want printed. 
Remember to leave a seam allowance around each photo as pictured.
Photo Quilt Blocks: Photos can be cropped to a square either by ACQ
or email them to us cropped to exact square ready for printing.
* Small fee applies for Digital enhancement & photo cropping by ACQ.
 baby costumeHOW DOES PRINT MY BABY PHOTO / COSTUME WORK?Step 1: Choose a Costume + Material Type + Email / upload your photo
Step 2: Our experts digitally manipulated your photo into the costume
Step 3. We print the completed realistic looking portrait onto your chosen medium as requested
Step 4: We post your order.
Once received you will be delighted with the results which is ready to use.
 print on fabric printer


The majority of inkjet fabric products recommend using an inkjet printer 
(also known as bubble jet set or deskjet printers).
Inkjet printers using pigment ink work best.
Each brand of printer being used will produce a different result as each
company produces different quality inks.
Pigment based ink will work best and generally no ink run off when using
this type of ink. Epson is one brand of inkjet printers using pigment inks.

As seen in demonstrations by ACQ at various Craft n Quilt Fairs.
Manufacturer’s recommend you DO NOT USE
re-fillible or non genuine
inks for Printing Photos on Fabric.

If you want to use non genuine inks we recommend testing on
an A6 Cotton size before using a full A4 sheet to see results.

Please Note:
Oil based inks will not work with any brand of inkjet fabric sheets
(Epson R 200 Series uses an oil based ink)

printer manual feed


Tray Feed Printers = Fabric side facing down to the floor.
Top Feed Printers = Fabric side faces forward towards you.

The Printer Rollers are Not Feeding Fabric Through.
Solution 1. Adhere a strip of painters masking tape over the front

of the lead end (first end to go in printer) now wrap the tape over
to the back of the fabric sheet and press onto the backing paper.
This method will help the rollers to grab the fabric and feed through the printer.

Solution 2. Many tray feed printers have a manual feed at the back of the printer.
It may look like an open slot or may have a cover that pulls down.
Feed the fabric sheet into the printer holding onto the sheet until the printer
rollers grab the fabric sheet) Ensure fabric is facing up toward the ceiling.

Solution 3. Change the printer settings to Envelope.
This opens the rollers up to accept a thicker medium (fabric or card) to feed
through the printer.
NOTE: TRIM any loose threads or uneven sides ensure sides equal 90 degree angles. 
If fabric is not level this can stop the printer feeding the fabric correctly.

Please Note:
Oil based inks will not work with any brand of inkjet fabric sheets
(Epson R 200 Series uses an oil based ink)

Create and Image/Photo/ Label or Document on your computer screen or scanner.

Optional: Remove any paper from the printer tray.
Once you have the image ready to print on your computer screen.
Load one Fabric sheet into your printer.
File > Print Properties Paper size = A4 297mm x 210mm
Photo Quality = Photo/ High Res 
Paper Type = Plain Paper.
Choose > Print Preview before printing to allow for any adjustments.
Press > Print. Set aside to dry allowing a minimum 1 hour overnight is best.Using a Laser printer with this brand ONLY
Load one Fabric sheet into your printer.
File > Print Properties Paper size = A4 297mm x 210mm
Photo Quality = Photo/High Res
Paper Type = Heavy Card
Choose > Print Preview before printing to allow for any adjustments.
Press > Print. Set aside to dry allowing a minimum 1 hour overnight is best.

Once dry remove the backing paper.
Rinse in a large tub of water to remove treatment and excess inks.
Continue moving fabric in the water until all excess ink appears to be washed out.
DO NOT wring out or squeeze fabric to remove water. Lay flat on a towel to dry.
Pat the fabric dry with an end of the towel. Use a hair dryer to complete drying if desired.

Oil Based inks never recommended.

Jacquard ExtravOrganza Inkjet Organza Fabric 5pkOrganza

Jacquard inkjet fabric Silk 5pk


Jacquard inkjet fabric sheets

INSTRUCTIONS – JACQUARD SILK & ORGANZACreate and Image/Photo/ Label or Document on your computer screen .
Once you have the image ready to print on your computer screen.
Load one Fabric sheet into your printer.
File Print Properties Paper Size = Letter
Print Quality = Text (for a light printout) Photo or Best Photo
Paper Type = Plain Paper. (DO NOT use Laser printers)
Choose Print Preview before printing to allow for any adjustments required.
Press Print. Set aside to dry allowing a minimum 1 hour overnight is usually best.
Once dry heat the fabric to warm the backing sheet (dry iron), then slowly peel
paper backing off.

Rinse is Optional: Silk & Organza Rinse in a large tub of water to remove treatment
and excess inks.
Lay flat on a towel to dry. Pat the fabric dry with an end of the towel. A hair dryer can be
used to complete drying if desired

miracle fabric-printed treasures-june tailorMIRACLE FABRIC – PRINTED TREASURES – COLOR PLUS
Important Note: These fabric sheets are American A4 size 8.5″ x 11″

therefore the page setup needs to be adjusted before inserting any images to the page.
Go to File > Page setup Paper Size = Letter.
Create and Image/Photo/ Label or Document on your computer screen.
Remove all paper from the printer. Load one Fabric sheet into your printer.
Once you have the image ready to print on your computer screen
Go to File > Print Properties Paper size = Letter
Photo Quality = Photo
Paper Type = Plain Paper Press > 
Print. Follow manufacturer instructions to complete.
Color Plus® Fabric Sheets – Tips for jam free operation and use
This information was reprinted courtesy of 

1. The fabric and the backing paper must be tight and flat together. Use a hot iron on the paper side to
reseal the paper and fabric together if the paper and fabric become separated.

2. Before you load any fabric sheets into your printer be sure to cut or clip loose threads, do not pull.

3. Do not force a fabric sheet into any printer. Place the sheet flush against
the paper guide and square with the entry roller.

4. Feed single sheets at a time. (If you are using an HP the print side goes
down and the ‘paper’ side up in the feed tray.)

5. Humidity and storage conditions of the Color Plus® Fabrics will affect its performance. Store flat in
low humidity conditions. Other conditions affecting performance are the age of your printer and the
condition of the pickup and drive rollers inside the printer.

6. Select ‘Print’ then select ‘Properties’ then in the pull down box
next to ‘media’ select ‘Plain Paper’ setting.

7. Check the printer utility for ‘cleaning’ instructions if the output quality appears to have changed
OR if you can see banding or white lines through the image.

8. Fabrics and papers will leave dust and lint in your printer.
Using a can of compressed air to ‘blow’ debris out of the printer
mechanisms is a good preventative maintenance and will help to keep your printer clean.

Limited Warranty
Color Textiles Color Plus® Fabrics are designed for use in all inkjet printers (thermal inkjet or piezo inkjet).
Color Textiles assume any responsibility for
the inkjet color printer, the thermal or piezo print heads in the printer or the inks.

YES. Bubble Jet Set  YES. Miracle Fabric Sheets require heat setting – see instructions.

NO. Premium Printable Fabric
NO. Printed Treasures
NO. Photo Fabric by Bluementhal
NO. Matilda’s Own – NOT recommended for frequent laundry
NO. Color Plus
Yes. June Tailor
 Crystal iron on I love quiltingHOW DO IRON ON CRYSTALS WORK?
All Iron On Crystals Letters, Designs, Footy Team Names come with full instructions.

Simply heat your iron to cotton setting
Peel away the white paper and lay your crystals on fabric.
Apply the hot dry iron for 30 seconds.
Iron On Crystals are washable.
We use and recommend Fabric Shield Protector.
Spray the protector over your quilts, tablecloths, cushions, handbags, wall hangings
even if they do not have photos on them.
This product sprays a protective coating that repels spills and dust. It’s Fantastic in our book!
NO.  Inkjet Fabric Sheets are pre treated and paper backed it does not connect

with the printer’s mechanisms. Simply feed fabric through your printer exactly like
a sheet of paper. 
Ensure all loose threads are trimmed off and removed before placing in the printer.
This process is equivalent to dyeing fabric and if you wash any fabric over and over again

you will see fading in the colours. Washing powder with enzymes fades fabric faster than
the sun
We recommend washing in a mild dish washing liquid like Lux flakes or Baby shampoo.
Note: Matilda’s Own inkjet fabric is not recommended for frequent laundry.
 inkjet printer inksCAN I  USE GENERIC INK CARTRIDGES? (non genuine)
It is recommended the setting time needs to be longer for greater success 24 hours

would be a good idea. Testing with generic inks have found the generic cartridges
for Inkjet printers bleed. We suggest a test  with the 24 hour setting time and then decide.
If the test is not successful (fading and bleeding), only use genuine brand
inkjet cartridges which have greater stability, yielding higher quality.
 HOW DOES Bubble Jet Set 2000 (BJS) WORK?
BubbleJet Set 2000 was designed to bond dye molecules with fibre, 

specifically 100% cottons and 100% silks.
DO NOT use fabrics with any synthetic fibres, including poly/cotton fabrics as 
BubbleJet Set does NOT adhere to synthetic fibres.
Bubble Jet Set is a fixative which reacts the same way as dying fabric.
Bubble Jet Set sets the ink from your printer into the fibres of the fabric and makes
it semi permanent and washable.
Pretreated fabric requires a carrier sheet to feed through an inkjet printer.
We recommend Reynolds Freezer Paper. Iron onto the back of your pre treated
fabric before printing.
Peel paper off without leaving behind any residue.

The manufacturer states the Bubble Jet Set has a shelf life of 1 year unopened and up
to 6 months opened. Some  ‘Printable Fabric’ products provided 1 year.
Other brands we carry do not state the shelf life
Printed Treasures yellows over time as the fabric is not sealed.
This is true for any brand of inkjet fabric
not sealed as the air affects the treated fabrics.
We contacted all the manufacturers to find out the expiry date for each brand.
Jacquard – one year
Printed Treasures – one year
June Tailor – one year
Matildas Own – one years
Premium Photo Fabrics– two years
Any product in cardboard packaging without a plastic insert, chemicals will deplete fastest.
We recommend using the product you have and test the print for colour-fastness before
sewing into your project.
If the colour doesn’t hold in the fabric, it may be the product has gone stale.
We recommend placing any unused ‘Printable Fabric’ sheets in a sealed plastic
bag for storage.


True colour prints are produced on white fabric (as with professional photograph paper –
photographers only use white paper so it only makes sense to use white fabrics )
Coloured fabrics mix with the ink producing muddy photo colours.



Yes, you can print on coloured fabric or make a background coloured box on the
computer behind a photo or text box.
HINT: Printing on fabric is a dying process; therefore when you print on coloured
fabric the colour is included into the colour of the picture you print.
Eg: Reds will have a brownish tint on cream fabric;
Blue on blue fabric will barely show;
Black on coloured fabric makes a great silhouette picture.

Paper printing will have a different effect on ink than fabric printing.

The colours will appear to be different but in reality it is because of the change from
paper to fabric. Fabric will absorb the ink into the fibres. When the fabric print is rinsed
excess ink will wash out and fabric sheet will appear duller than paper print out.
This is the normal process for inkjet fabric.

However if there is a great amount of colour loss this can be due to several reasons.
1. Using generic inks.
2. Water treatment from house taps bleaching out colour.
3. Printer settings not set correctly.
4. Low grade printer brand. Inkjet printers using pigment ink work best 
Using pre treated fabric sheets or ready made fabric sheets in a printer may void the
printer warranty. As a distributor of these products Australian Country Quilts
 and any other business associated with us hold no responsibility for any claims. 

The onus is on the consumer for the use of these products or any
other mediums chosen to use in the printer.
Product claims should be made through the respected
manufacturer of products purchased (eg: Purchased Miracle Fabric = visit
manufacturer of product on packaging)


ACQ is NOT affiliated or receive any financial support or goods
from ANY printer company mentioned below. We happily use and recommend
Epson inkjet printers due to their superior print quality as the inks contain pigment.
Pigment in inks is known to help retain colour and reduce fading
compared to other brands we have tested. The following printer brands have been tested using ALL the printable fabric products
we sell, the results are numbered in preference order as follows:
No.1. Epson Stylus we have used 5 models (except Epson 200 models = oil based) 
No. 2. Hewlett Packard
No. 3. Canon Pixma
No. 4.  Brother, Dell, Kodak, Lexmark

All inkjet printers will print onto printable fabric sheets as the manufacture recommends
However the results will vary from each printer due to the ink quality of the printer being used.
This information is stated on each manufactures packaging. While we have been using
printable products for the past 15 years we do not state that we are experts in the technical
side of manufacturing products including printers.
For further help with technical difficulties please contact the manufacturer of the product
or printer being used.

craft and quilt clipart cd


Easily use any of our Craft & Quilt clipart CDs
is the same as inserting any picture into any

program on your computer. 
Images on the CDs are in jpg format
Simply Open your favourite program ( eg Microsft Word)
Then insert the CD into your drive – minimise the Open to View box
New Document Insert > Picture > From File > CD drive with images
Open yellow Folder > Open appropriate folder (eg country labels)
Click on the picture you want to use > Insert
Picture will appear on the page

MS Word will not allow you to move pictures freely
without Formatting each picture..

see next step.
Format > Picture > Layout > behind text
(this allows you to add more pictures + Text Boxes over the 1st picture)



Hope this helps.
For excellent Step By Step help for the computer beginner invest in the
Memories Lesson CD
Photos on Fabric For Dummies class with many craft lessons in Microsoft Word.

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