Gallery of projects made using inkjet Printable Fabric sheets at home.

We’d love to show off your latest projects here kindly email a great photo to us today.

Use printable fabric to make these great gift ideas

Bird Quilt – By Kathleen Stone
Premium Printable Fabric used for all bird photos
Photo Quilt - Birds

Photo Quilt – Birds

Window Quilt
Lesson for this wall hanging can be found on the
Memories Lesson CD
Photo quilt looking through a window

Photo quilt looking through a window

French Vintage Ladies by Kathleen Stone
Images from the Vintage Ladies CD
vintage ladies photo quilt

vintage ladies photo quilt using the Vintage Ladies + Printable Fabric Cotton or Printable Silk  can be used

Quote Wall Hanging images from the
Heartwarmers CD

Heartwarming sayings printed on fabric

Use these gorgeous heart warming sayings to print on fabric,
card or any medium that feeds through a printer.

Family is Forever
Memory Quilt family photo quilt, no patchwork piecing done!

Memory Quilt family photo quilt

Patchwork template available on the 
Memories Lesson CD 
Read your lesson then add a Printable Fabric sheets  into the printer.
Print the template with the photo included on one fabric sheet. Now sandwich together with your backing and quilt to complete. voilà!

Print my photo for memory quilts and cushions

No patchwork piecing done with these memory quilts. Good News is the Memories Lesson CD has all the templates and instructions to make these projects.

Forget Me Nots wall hanging By Kathleen & Allie King
Image from the Stitcheries CD

stitchery design printed on fabric

All images on the stitchery CD can be printed onto Fabric Paper Card Magnets, Labels. ON SALE NOW link to Stitcheries CD
Yellow Daisies
Image from the Stitcheries CD + printable cotton sheets
Stitchery Designs
Root Canal By Kathleen Stone
This one was made especially for my favourite dentist

in Harvey, WA
Photo canvas dentist visit

Photo canvas dentist visit

Premium Printable Fabric then glued over a ready made
canvas board from a dollar store

Belle Mason Bag – By Cassie Jordinson
Image from the Vintage Chic CD
Vintage ladies silk bag

Vintage ladies silk bag using the Vintage Collection CD and Silk fabric sheets

Little Mermaid Shoes

little mermaid shoes on printable fabric
little mermaid shoes on printable fabric sheets.
Printed on cotton fabric sheets then glued over
the shoes.

The Dancer Photo Quilt By Allison

Dancer photo quilt

Show off your dance moves or horse riding skills!

Family photo quilt 100th birthday- memory quilt using Premium Printable Fabric
family photo quilt 100th birthday

Memories of his family were presented on
this photo quilt for this gents
100th birthday.

Memory Cushion By Lara Tseng
Memory Cushion for a close friend who past too young
in a car accident

Premium Printable Fabric used for this cushion
A photo was printed on the front and the back of this cushion. The cushion was taken on a plane to the young girls mother in Taiwan, who could not attend the funeral.

Eileen Campbell’s Memory QuiltEileen printed on Matilda’s Own inkjet sheetsMatilda’s Own inkjet fabric sheets

Boys Wall Hanging

Daniel the skateboarding wall hanging
Daniel the skateboarding hero, wall hanging printed on Jacquard inkjet fabric sheets

memory quilt - print my photo cotton tricia kirby

This memory quilt made using printable cotton follow the link help Print My Photo



Iron On transfer sheets examples Available in Iron on forIron on Light/Whites or Iron on Dark fabric
Also available Glitter Iron On Sheets


Flower Embroidery Printed on printable cotton
fabric sheets then embroidered.

embroidery bag vintage lady


printable organza fabric sheets

Jacquard inkjet Extravorganza sheets

Jacquard inkjet organza used here 


Use printable Silk for lampshades

  print on fabric gift ideas

Personalised Cushions               Baby Bibs