Quilting and Sewing Labels CD

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Quilting and Sewing Labels CD

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Quilting and Sewing Labels CD

Over 270 labels in different shapes and sizes to suit any project…

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~Quilt Labels in many styles like country naive, modern, baby, wedding, men/boys etc

~Sewing Labels for blankets, garments, quilts, cushions, business names

Quilt Labels
Baby Labels
Crochet labels
Sewing Labels
Tailors Label
Knitting Labels
Wedding Labels
Tree of Life Label
Watercolour Label
Modern Colour Frames
Vintage Style Frames

Use labels and frames on Printable Fabric, Paper ,
Card or any printer medium.

Re size and Recolour Simply open a program like
Word | Publisher | Paint | Pages or similar programs


1) Insert > Picture > From File > choose image from CD
2) Now resize the image as small or as large as the page.
3) Add a text box over the top to personalise or add photos into frames labels
4) Print onto cotton, silk or organza fabrics, paper card or stickers etc

Quilt Labels  ~  Embroidery  ~   Card Making  ~  Scrapbook  ~  Weddings

Images are in jpeg formats

Use with any program on your Personal Computer PC or Mac


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