Artist Canvas Blank Set/2

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(2) Artist Canvas Stretched Cotton Canvas Blank Set

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Artist Canvas Blank Set/2

The Artist Canvas Blank Set/2 are pure cotton canvas. Cotton cloth is an ideal artistic surface.
Due to the natural shade and fibre flexibility of cotton yarn, the brush can glide smoothly
on the canvas and make painting easier.

Sturdy Construction: Stretch these empty canvases on the solid wood frame and fasten
them firmly to the wooden poles with nails to form a strong frame.

Wide range of applications: suitable for beginners, children, students, adults and professionals.
It is also an ideal choice for crafts, artwork, paintings and decorative painting projects.

High Quality 100% Cotton Canvas
On Sale… Limited Stock!

Material: Premium cotton canvas
Colour: White

1 x Size: 25cm x 30cm
1 x Size: 20cm x25cm
This listing is for 2 (two) canvas boards

Please Note:

100% cotton canvas stretched board is blank ready to use
Brand names may vary


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Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions35 × 30 × 4 cm


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