Hydrangea Embroidery Picture Small

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Hydrangea Embroidery Picture Small

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Hydrangea Embroidery Picture Small

The Hydrangea Embroidery Picture Small is printed soft cotton fabric.
Use for embroidery, quilts crazypatch,
textile art Scrapbooks or cards.
Printed on washable cotton you will enjoy putting your skills to work
with our beautiful fabric pictures.
Small A6 size print.

This piece can easily be sewn or glued with a
fabric glue or fusible webbing to your project.

The image that you receive will have a white border
around it which will serve as your seam allowance.

Seam allowances will differ dependent upon
the size block that you order.

Not a sewing person?
Non Sewing Ideas
Simply glue onto a pre-made canvas board,
mouse pad or decorate and frame, Voila!.

When you receive your image, it will be with a paper
backing for printing and mailing purposes.

Just peel this away and you are good to go!

Complete instructions are included with your purchase.

Embroider with threads and beads or simply glue on
Flower Soft sprinkles for a quick delicate soft finish.

Pre printed picture to embroider by hand or machine

Choose different type of material
Cotton wash sew glue
Silk wash sew glue
Choose a different size of print
A5 medium 12cm x 18cm (5″x8″) approx. 
A4 large 18cm x 25cm (8″x10″) approx.

Please Note: images will not overlap or have any watermarks



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Dimensions 29 × 25 × 1 cm


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